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Sacramento Area Beekeeper Association, SABA, is organizing a members-only group purchase of Honey Bee Packages for the Spring of 2023 with a choice of three different breeds of bees for only $155 for a 3 lb. Starter Hive Package or $240 for a 5-frame NUC. The bees are from a local bee breeder in Woodland.

• All Starter Hive Packages come with a mated, marked queen. All queens guaranteed alive upon release (3 day window).
Customers need to work directly with the SUPPLIER, not with SABA, on the guarantee
• Nucleus hives, or nucs, come with a marked, laying queen and 5 deep frames with a combination of brood, nectar, pollen
and some space for expansion. Because there is brood present and young bees emerging, nucs build up more quickly
than packages and will need to be transferred into a full size deep hive box
• One date will be established for package pickup. Weather could alter the date
• Pick-up date—April 30, 2023 (*subject to change due to weather)
• Orders must be pre-paid
• A cancellation fee will be charged at $39.00 until February 28, 2023. After this date, all fees will be forfeited (no money
• SABA will offer a package installation workshop on pick-up day

Russian-Carniolan Hybrid Russian-Carniolan Bees.

These bees are dark, gray/black coloration have shown excellent resistance to Varroa and tracheal mites. They overwinter very well and build up fast in the spring with the nectar flow due to their innate ability to work with their surrounding environment. They produce more propolis than other breeds as part of their hygienic, disease resistant behavior. Russian bees are an excellent choice for beekeepers seeking to avoid colony loss caused by varroa mites or beginner beekeepers who desire bees that may require less frequent or lower levels of treatments.

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Italian Hybrid Bees.

The typically golden colored Italian bees are docile, low propolis producers and a favorite choice of both commercial and beginner beekeepers. They have a long brood cycle that is great for areas with plentiful forage and shorter winters. Italian bees tend to be low to moderate propolis producers and are excellent honey producers.

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Carniolan Hybrid Bees.

The productive Carniolan bees with their dark coloring and gray/black striping are typically gentle, quiet on the frame and low propolis producers. Carniolan bees are known for their ability to build up quickly in spring and adjust brood production in reaction surrounding climate and available forage. The Carniolan stock is a great choice for beginner or backyard beekeepers who will appreciate their calm and easy to work temperament. Commercial beekeepers will be pleased with their excellent honey production.

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