Honey Bee

Our Mission

To promote interest in, and awareness of, the vital importance of the honeybee and beekeeping to agriculture, commerce, and the public at large.

To accomplish this mission we:

  • Provide opportunities for interested beekeepers and the public to periodically meet, socialize, and exchange useful information relating to honeybees, beekeeping, and related topics.
  • Educate the public on the nature and importance of honey (insert space) bees, by making presentations at schools, county and regional fairs, and other public venues.
  • Provide a volunteer cadre of members to provide mentorship and learning opportunities through the SABA Bee Buddy Program.
  • Organize and offer instructional classes and workshops beekeepers at all levels taught by highly experienced beekeepers, several times a year.
  • Maintain a regularly published newsletter and active website devoted to beekeeping and SABA events in the greater Sacramento area.
  • Raise sufficient funds through dues, instructional class fees, and other appropriate means that is in keeping with our nonprofit status to promote the aforementioned mission, goals, and objectives.

Executive Board

Email: sabapresltn@gmail.com

President :  Leslie Navarra: sabapresltn@gmail.com

Vice President : Vacant

Secretary : Monica Holler: SABAsecretarymh@gmail.com

Treasurer : Kristi McCullough: SABATreasurerKM@gmail.com

Member-at-Large : Don Ruddick: ruddick@comcast.net

Past President: Tom Neil: tomneilsaba@aol.com

SABA Committee Contacts

Inventory/Events: John Johnson: Johnson19482@gmail.com

Class Coordinator: Lisa Romero: romero.lisa@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Don Ruddick: ruddick@comcast.net

Membership:  Leslie Navarra: sabapresltn@gmail.com

Apiary CoordinatorDave Watson: david9045ups@gmail.com

Governance: Abigail Madden: mz.abigailmadden@gmail.com

Swarmlist: Leslie Navarra: sabapresLTN@gmail.com

Webmaster: Chris Aynesworth: chris@wyrmouroboros.com

About Us

Since the 1970’s, the Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association (SABA) has been dedicated to furthering an interest in bees. We love bees and share what we know about beekeeping with each other and with our communities. Whether you are an experienced apiarist, a novice beekeeper or venturing into the world of bees and beekeeping for the first time, we look forward to meeting you.

Become a member now or drop by one of our meetings to hear how local beekeepers manage their hives through the seasons, exchange ideas or techniques for creating the optimum pollinator environment for your bees, or ask questions about getting started. We offer beginner through advanced training courses from experts within the industry.

SABA regularly invites speakers to share their expertise about anything ‘bee’, from landscaping designs that encourage bees to feel at home in our yards, to innovative uses for honey, to everything you want to know about top-bar hives but are afraid to ask. Check for upcoming events here.

In the community, SABA is an educational resource on bees and beekeeping. We offer classes, swarm removal volunteers, a chance to hang out with us each year at the county fair and other local events.

The primary purpose of SABA is to increase public awareness and understanding of bees, and their importance as pollinators. We are happy to share with others our love of bees and our concern for bees’ sustainability.

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