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Session 1: Beekeeping Basics Sunday February 19, 2023. Instructor: Rachel Morrison, The Beecharmers. $60.

SABA Beginning Beekeeping Classes

Interested in Beekeeping?  Come learn with the Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association (SABA). SABA is offering series of classes designed for beginning beekeepers.  The 4 course series follows the typical beekeeping season with Session 1 Beekeeping Basics 2/19/23; Session 2  (this class is offered twice due to popularity) Managing the Colony 4/3/22 and 4/23/22;  Session 3 Bee Health and Summer Beekeeping 6/11/22; and Session 4 Preparing for Winter and Honey Extraction Basics 8/20/22. Classes are $60 each.

Session 1: Beekeeping Basics

  • Introduction to the SABA Beginner Beekeeping Series
  • Basic Biology of Bees and the Hive Workers, Drones, and Queens
  • Beekeeping Equipment, The Hive and Accessories
  • Getting Started – Choosing an apiary location, Best Honey Bees for the Sacramento Area
  • Installing Your Bees – Packages and Nucs
  • Caring for Bee Health – Varroa and Viruses, IPM Basics
  • Seasonal tasks, Time commitment and What to Expect as a New Beekeeper
  • Keeping it Legal – Registering your hive and beekeeping responsibilities

Date/Time: Saturday February 19, 2023, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Sacramento County Ag Office 4137 Branch Center Road, Sacramento CA 95827

Instructor: Rachel Morrison, The Beecharmers.

Other Information

  • Beekeeping suits or veils are not needed at this first meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be a SABA member to enroll in classes?  The Beginning Beekeeping class series is open to members and non-members. Intermediate courses are open to SABA members only.
  • Are refunds available if I am unable to attend a class? SABA classes are offered at a low price and refunds are not issued.

Class Coordinator:  Lisa Romero- [email protected]

02/19/2023 (Sun.)
9:00AM – 1:00PM PST
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