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Bee Keeping Class – 3rd in Series

Questions & Cancelation: SABA classes are offered at a reduced price and refunds are not issued. SABA classes work with honey bees. Honey bees are stinging insects, and while most stings do not require immediate medical attention, a small portion of the population can develop a life-threatening allergy. When working in the hives you will need to wear closed toe and closed heel shoes, long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Protective gear will be provided for you, but if you prefer you may bring your own. If stung, immediately remove the stinger by scraping it off and wash the area to reduce the alarm pheromone. If you experience shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea or any other serious symptoms, immediately seek medical attention.


Bee Keeping Class – 4th in series

Products of the Hive and Preparing for Winter, via Zoom - 4th in series Products of the Hive and Preparing for Winter  Instructors are from Sacramento Area Beekeeper Association and/or California Master Beekeepers Program. This four-session series is designed for individuals brand new to beekeeping or those seeking deeper beekeeping knowledge. The four ½ day sessions will [...]


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